Bug Fix
Receive "Submission failed" when creating a new letter template

Windows User
1. Download the bug fix here

2. Input your CMS3.0 database information while installing


Linux User

1. Open terminal

2. Type "mysql -u{mysql_user} -p{mysql_password} {database_name}"
    If you use our default setting while installing, the command will be
    mysql -ucms3 -pcms3 cms3

3. Type the following sql script in mysql

    alter table common_template drop foreign key FKC0C9CC4E6349FE12;

    alter table common_template add constraint FKC0C9CC4E6349FE12  foreign key(owner_id) references user (id);

4. Type quit to exit mysql


This Bug Fix applies

CMS+Lite ver. 1.0.8391

Last Updated: 20/10/2009 10:54