How can I print multiple labels within a large paper such like A4 size?

By default labels are printed on separate small label page, but how about when you only have large paper like A4?

For this case we also provide a way to print multiple labels within one large page,  you just need to

1, Make sure CMS version is 7022 or above, if not, go to website for a update

2, Navigate to ADMIN->Consultation->Template->Clinic Document Template 

3, Click "Edit Template" button of Drug Label Template to open edit window, simply add a tag "{{float}}" to any place of label template and press "Update"

4, Adjust template's size to fit the paper, put mouse above the square on border of template, you can see an arrow, drag and drop to adjust the size, then press "Update".

Print out will be like this : 


Last Updated: 15/09/2009 15:19