When I search a patient "Chung W*", the result should show all patient records with "Chung W.....". But it showed also "Li Chung".

When searching "Chung W*", the system will show patient records matching both "Chung" and "W*" on pre-defined fields of the patients. Patient "Chung W...." is for sure to be searched out. But if any of the pre-defined fields in the patient "Li Chung" has a match on "W*", this patient will also be listed.

e.g., If "Li Chung" lives in "Wong Tai Sin", "Chung" from his name matches "Chung", and "Wong" is his address matches "W*", so the patient "Li Chung" will match the search.


To reduce this kind of unwanted search results, we recommend adding more known letters into the search, such as "Chung Wa*"

Last Updated: 29/06/2009 19:30