Free Installation, Support and Workshop

Developer Workshop

Mobigator will hold a developer workshop for those who are interested to involve in the development of CMS 3.0. The workshop is a half-day development training class and will cover the follows:

  1. Development environment setup
  2. Introduction to basic framework
  3. Coding standard
  4. Make extension for the program
  5. Feature submission procedure

The workshop is open to everybody, please register to reserve your place and we will send out the invitation shortly.

Free Installation and Support

The free installation and support sponsored by the HKMA and Mobigator has closed. We have received a significant oversubscription but we are glad that HKMA has extended the programme to all those who have signed up. If you're one of the clinics receiving the sponsored services, we will be contacting you shortly.

We would encourage everyone to register at our website. Your registration is free and will keep you informed of the latest of the HKMA CMS 3.0 development and other related activities. To register, please click here.